Violation of one or more of these rules can result in a kick, temporary ban or permanent ban from the server. Disciplinary actions will be equal with the severity of the violation. If you have been banned and wish to be unbanned, please follow the unban procedure.

  • Please note that all rules are subject to change, if and when we deem it necessary. Rules may also be added or removed at any time.

  • This is a PVE Server. So don't steal, raid or kill people.

  • Remember to claim your place, stuff and so on. If you forget and come online and all is gone, server or admins are not to blame, please keep that in mind. If you do get raided or something. Please take screenshot and use the !report commands, so admins can help you.

  • If you have been away from the server for more then 7 days real life days, your base and items becomes free game, then anyone can go and loot it, even take the LCB and also claim it. If you have lost your base because you have been away from the server for to long, you should not whine about it. We, the admins, will not help you out with a new land claim stone or items. But we will offer you to have your character reset, so that you get the items that everyone starts with.

  • No Griefing: Do not collapse a POI by digging out large portions of the subsurface. Do not remove the foundation of walls or towers. NO DESTROYING STORAGE CHEST/SAFES - You may break in to them, so you can loot em. But do not destroy them, so others can't get loot. Doing so WILL lead to a ban.

  • No Trolling: This type of behavior is not permitted and will have to be addressed on a case by case basis. Killing players or raiding a base would not be defined as trolling. However locking somebody inside a room or building a prison around somebody's house/base would constitute the definition of trolling.

  • No Racism / Bigotry: We will not tolerate any form of racism or bigotry. All players on the server should feel safe in knowing they won't have to deal with hateful remarks based on nationality, sexual orientation, gender, color of your skin, etc.. If a player is seen in chat using such terminology like faggot or the N-Word then they should be warned swiftly via in game comms and if the problem persists then they will be removed from the server.

  • No Hacking: In no way will hacking of any kind be tolerated. Anyone who is found be hacking or using third party software will be instantly banned.

  • No Glitching: If a player is found to be taking advantage of an exploit that could be due to a bug in the game or anything else will be instantly banned. If a player is found to be duplicating items or something to that effect then they should be killed and all items removed from their inventory or stash. If found to have used a dupe glitch to build a base of some kind, then the structure should be destroyed or removed by an admin. Also Render shooting to shoot through walls. You must have the area loaded in. Render glitching into the map to see claims/shoot players. No backpack stacking beyond a single bag. You may use one to stand on but no pyramids/stairs. Do not glitch your backpack on death so others cannot loot it.

  • Conflict and about the rules: As the Owner, it's my desire to provide a good environment for people to play in and have fun. What fun means is different to different people. But as this is my server and I do lay the ground rules, everyone is expected to follow the server rules. If you don't like the rules, it's your choice to play some where else. . If you run into another player that you simply don't get along with and there's a conflict between you two, contact me or one of the other admins to step in. As Admin I/we will have the final say in resolving conflicts. We will do our best, to be fair to all parties involved.

  • Map Resets: Since 7DTD is still Alpha, from time to time new releases by the developers. If the new version is not compatible with old map saves, the server will reset the map. Thanks for being understanding.

  • Respect the admins: The server admins have the final say in any situation. Do not argue. If you disagree feel free to use the contact form to discuss the matter. If you argue with the admins they have my full permission and blessings to deal with you however they want.

  • Thank you for your patience and let's have fun.